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Conditions of Hire

1) The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage to the property of Hirers and all persons connected therewith whilst on its premises.

2) It is a rule of the Company that the Hirer will be responsible for all loss or damage to the Company’s property (buildings, contents or otherwise) that may arise from the Hirer’s use of the premises.

3) Any organisation running fund-raising functions where the whole net profit is being donated to the Company will have all available facilities free of charge.

4) Organisations using rooms must ensure that they are left in a clean and tidy condition and all surplus ‘left-overs’ removed from the premises on the day of the event. If there are any glasses, crockery or pans that require re-washing after the event, an extra charge will be made. Please ask the caretaker at the start of your event the correct procedure required to prevent this occurring. Small quantities of general rubbish and recyclable materials can be disposed of by the Centre but only in agreement with the Caretaker on duty. Large quantities of publicity and other materials must be removed by the Hirer.

5) All electrical equipment used by the Hirer must be PAT tested and have a current certificate.

6) The Company holds a licence for the consumption of alcohol on the premises. A charge of £21 is made to the hirer in respect of the Alcohol Licence.

7) The Company holds a PRS Licence (currently costing over £1400 per year) for the premises allowing the legal playing of music. A nominal charge of £10 per booking is made to the hirer in respect of this

8) Charges are subject to review.

9) Preparation/clear-up time should be included in the times required. It would be appreciated if Hirers would vacate the premises as soon as possible after the final booking time. Should the Hirers exceed this time; an additional charge may be incurred.

10) Fire regulations require that a register is maintained so that in event of a fire, a roll-call can be taken to ensure no-one has been left inside the building.


N.B. It is stressed that Hirers should be aware of the Fire Regulations and all exits.


Please note the maximum numbers which may occupy the rooms for hire at any one time:

Concert Hall – 160; Coffee Lounge – 51; Small Hall – 60; Jack Lofthouse Annex – 60;  Wright Wing – 20; Soroptimists Room – 16